Used Industrial Diesel engines (16 In stock)

Please find here our range of used industrial diesel engines. The used industrial diesel engines are available in several models, power settings, applications and in different condition. Every engine will be inspected to give you a clear overview of the actual condition of each used engine.

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  Brand - Model Power RPM
 CATERPILLAR C11CATERPILLAR C11 - Diesel Engine325 HP150012972
 CATERPILLAR C11CATERPILLAR C11 - Diesel Engine325 HP150012971
 JOHN DEERE 6068 - LONG BLOCKJOHN DEERE 6068 - LONG BLOCK - Diesel Engine155-225 HP2300-260012737
 JOHN DEERE 6068 - LONG BLOCKJOHN DEERE 6068 - LONG BLOCK - Diesel Engine155-225 HP2300-260012736
 FORD 2725EFORD 2725E - Diesel Engine130 HP260012935
 JOHN DEERE 4045DF159JOHN DEERE 4045DF159 - Diesel Engine88 HP280012936
 IVECO AIFO 8281 SRM 10.00IVECO AIFO 8281 SRM 10.00 - Diesel Engine298 HP150012937
 DETROIT DIESEL 16V-92NDETROIT DIESEL 16V-92N - Diesel Engine650 HP180012832
 DETROIT DIESEL 8V-92TADETROIT DIESEL 8V-92TA - Diesel Engine432/475 HP (prime / standby) HP150012740
 DETROIT DIESEL 8V-92TADETROIT DIESEL 8V-92TA - Diesel Engine432/475 HP (prime / standby) HP150012739
 VOLVO PENTA TAD732GEVOLVO PENTA TAD732GE - Diesel Engine240 HP150012671
 MTU 12V2000MTU 12V2000 - Diesel Engine790 HP150012494
 MERCEDES OM441MERCEDES OM441 - Diesel Engine213 HP210011791
 CATERPILLAR C12CATERPILLAR C12 - Diesel Engine345 HP180011698
 DETROIT DIESEL 8V-92TADETROIT DIESEL 8V-92TA - Diesel Engine365 HP18004999
 MWM TBD 234 V12MWM TBD 234 V12 - Diesel Engine720 HP21004052
 DETROIT DIESEL 8V-71TDETROIT DIESEL 8V-71T - Diesel Engine300 HP18002566
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Industrial diesel engines can be used in several on-land applications

Our used industrial diesel engines are used before in different applications. Most of them are used for generator sets, power packs or air/radiator cooled marine auxiliary application. Others are from trucks, fire pump sets or used in other agriculture applications. We call these engines ‘industrial’ because can be used in several on-land applications. Most of these engines are cooled by radiator or by air and have dry exhaust systems. Every engine is unique because it’s setting is based on the former application and actual condition. The condition depends on the running hours and maintenance during the running period.

Your used industrial diesel engine ready for shipment within 3 days

All the used industrial diesel engines mentioned on our website are in stock. We make ensure that your order is ready for shipment within 3 days after receiving payment. We can offer worldwide shipping by ocean freight, airfreight or road transport. All our equipment is fully inspected. After the inspection we will make a report and the condition of the equipment will be mentioned on our website.

Thorough inspection and quality control

Our team monitors the world market continuously in order to buy high-quality used industrial diesel engines. By doing so, we anticipate on the demand and the technical specifications in the market. We purchase through a network of respected suppliers and professional users. Each engine systematically inspected and on request of the client we can do the necessary repair and/or reconditioning takes place in our workshop.

Maintenance with reliable craftsmanship

Our team members are highly dedicated, skilled and motivated to ensure the delivery of excellent used industrial diesel engines. In our workshop, they take care of your engine. On request of the client we can do the repair from standard maintenance to a complete overhaul to needed specification. Our skilled team has more than 25 years of experience. They stand behind every repair and reconditioned unit.

Professional staff and excellent logistics

Our customers keep returning to us because we listen and act on your needs. For us, customer service is of utmost importance and our professional sales team will provide you with technical and practical advice. This service also includes efficient handling of the related formalities. Exporting outside is not a problem for us, especially customs clearing. Thanks to our many years in business, Pool Trading knows the ins- and outs of the myriad of international laws, rules and regulations.

Used industrial diesel engines for sale from the reknown brands

Our warehouse stock consists of many used diesel engines (Our power range is 200 to 2,000 HP). As well, we stock thousands of new and used parts in brands, like: Detroit Diesel, Deutz, MWM, MAK, Caterpillar, Cummins, Volvo Penta, Scania, MAN and gearboxes in brands like Twin Disc, ZF, Masson. Save time and money! We either have it in stock or we know where to get it fast. Our knowledge of buying and selling used diesel engines, can help you get the right unit, at the right time and at the right price.

Can’t you find the right one in our range industrial diesel engines?

Do you prefer a used industrial diesel engine we don’t have in stock? Tell us and we will search for you. With our wide network of suppliers and partners, you will have the right engine before you know. Fast and reliable. This distinguishes us from other suppliers of used industrial diesel engines. We think along with you and are not afraid to take an extra step to find the right engine.

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