Used Mitsubishi generator sets - a full truckload!


Once in a while we are able to make a picture as above: A truckload full of nice used Mitsubishi generator sets with very low hours. Some weeks ago these sets arrived in our warehouse.

Used Mitsubishi generator sets

On the truck you see three generator sets driven by Mitsubishi engines of several models;

  • Mitsubishi S16R-PTA, 2012 HP @ 1500 rpm, with Leroy Somer generator 1500 kVA
  • Mitsubishi S16N-PTA, 1480 HP @ 1500 rpm, with AVK generator 1000 kVA
  • Mitsubishi S12N-PTA, 1095 HP @ 1500 rpm, with Leroy Somer generator 900 kVA

All three generators sets have been in operation as standby generator sets. Despite their age of 20+ years the running hours are very low: between 200-500 hours!

Quality in different ways

The combination of low hours, good condition and top brands as Mitsubishi, AVK and Leroy Somer makes the high quality of these used Mitsubishi generator sets. In addition to that, we’ve done as usual a full check on these sets to have clear sight of the condition and possible defects. We have found them in excellent condition. They are very valuable for a new owner and ready to ship!

Re-use, supplying sustainability

We believe that re-use is the best option for taking care of the planet. Especially for re-use of equipment in such a good condition and quality as these. These good used generator sets could be used for decades more, which saves the production of a new one – which saves a process of high emissions!

Special for you and ready to ship!

As written above, once in a while we can serve you with these kind of sets. It is not unique, but special enough to give it some extra attention. Ready to ship, ready for a sustainable longer life!

Questions about used Mitsubishi generator sets?

Do you have questions about these used Mitsubishi generator sets? Please contact us. Pool Trading B.V. is committed to providing the highest level of service. We looking forward to assisting you!

Used Mitsubishi generator sets - a full truckload!

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