Pool Trading is the specialist in used diesel engines


Pool trading, located in the Netherlands, has been the specialist in used diesel engines for many years. The company was founded in 1994, and we have a worldwide network with clients for used diesel engines.

Quality control of used diesel engines

When we buy a used diesel engine, the engine will be shipped to our warehouse. One of our specialist will make an inspection of the used diesel engine. It is important to know the exact condition of the used diesel engine. We like to inform our clients about the quality and what the client can expect of the used diesel engine.

Used diesel engines for different applications

The used engines we have are for different applications. We have used diesel engines for marine propulsion, but also have used diesel engines for generators of firefighting applications.

Advantage of a used diesel engine

Especially the used diesel engines with low running hours are in excellent condition. Therefore, it is very interesting for the client to buy a used diesel engine and not a new engine. Emergency gen set and firefighting sets are used diesel engines with very low running hours.

Shipping of the used diesel engine

When needed, we can also assist in shipping of the used diesel engine. We have our forwarder for shipping of the used diesel engines, and we will make sure that the packing of the used diesel engine will be done properly. We can offer packing in a wooden box for more protection, or on an open pallet.

Buying a used diesel engine

All of our used diesel engines are on our website with a full description of condition and application. When you are interested in one of our used diesel engines, please contact our office. We would be pleased to offer you the used diesel engine.

Selling your used diesel engine

Pool Trading is not only selling used diesel engines. We are always interested to buy used diesel engines as well. Please inform us when you would like to sell your used diesel engine.

Pool Trading is the specialist in used diesel engines

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