Cummins N-855 DM

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General information

Brand generator Cummins
Model generator N-855 DM
Power (type) 386, 436
RPM (type) 1500


Brand generator Leroy Somer
Model generator LSAM 47.2VS2 C 6/4
Kva 325
Voltage 400 v
Frequency 50 hz
Phase 3

Specific information

Governor Mechanical
Starter 1 x 24v
Exhaust system Water cooled
Turbo Dry
Cooling system Keel kooled, Keel cooled
Past models
  • 30634-11400-cummins-n855-dm-generator-set-3.jpg
  • 30635-11401-cummins-n855-dm-generator-set-4.jpg
  • 30635-11401-cummins-n855-dm-generator-set-5.jpg
  • 30635-11401-cummins-n855-dm-generator-set-6.jpg
  • 30635-11401-cummins-n855-dm-generator-set-1.jpg
  • 30635-11401-cummins-n855-dm-generator-set-2.jpg
  • 30634-11400-cummins-n855-dm-generator-set-1.jpg
  • 30634-11400-cummins-n855-dm-generator-set-8.jpg
  • 30634-11400-cummins-n855-dm-generator-set-7.jpg
  • 30634-11400-cummins-n855-dm-generator-set-5.jpg
  • 30635-11401-cummins-n855-dm-generator-set-3.jpg
  • 30634-11400-cummins-n855-dm-generator-set-2.jpg
  • 30634-11400-cummins-n855-dm-generator-set-4.jpg
  • 30634-11400-cummins-n855-dm-generator-set-6.jpg
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