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Used Twin Disc marine equipment for propulsion and electricity. Available in several qualities and power. Currently we have items from Twin Disc in stock.
Twin Disc
  Brand - Model Power RPM
 TWIN DISC MG-6848TWIN DISC MG-68481676 HP180011539
 TWIN DISC MG-6848TWIN DISC MG-68481676 HP180011538
 TWIN DISC MG-5091TWIN DISC MG-5091325 HP180011644
 TWIN DISC MG-5091TWIN DISC MG-5091325 HP180011643
 TWIN DISC SP 111-HP3 (PTO)TWIN DISC SP 111-HP3 (PTO)(Max.) 80 HP(max.) 22001338
 TWIN DISC MG-5062V TWIN DISC MG-5062V 430 HP (Pleasure craft) HP280011595
 TWIN DISC MG-5062V TWIN DISC MG-5062V 430 HP (Pleasure craft) HP280011594
 TWIN DISC MG-516TWIN DISC MG-516600 HP180011572
 TWIN DISC MG-6690 SC TWIN DISC MG-6690 SC 1514 HP180011533
 TWIN DISC MG-6690 SCTWIN DISC MG-6690 SC1514 HP180011534
 TWIN DISC MG-6690 SCTWIN DISC MG-6690 SC1514 HP180011535
 TWIN DISC MG-514BTWIN DISC MG-514B360 HP180011373
 TWIN DISC MG-507-1TWIN DISC MG-507-1149 HP180011274
 TWIN DISC MG-509 TWIN DISC MG-509 235 HP180011224
 TWIN DISC MG-5204TWIN DISC MG-52041025 HP21004750
 TWIN DISC MG-5204TWIN DISC MG-52041025 HP21004749
 TWIN DISC MG-5170TWIN DISC MG-5170680 HP18004028
 TWIN DISC MG-508TWIN DISC MG-508220 HP18003979


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