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Used Scania equipment are ideal to use for propulsion and electricity. The used Scania in our range are available in several qualities and power. Every equipment is systematically inspected and repaired when needed.

Available used Scania equipmentDiesel Engines | Generator sets

  Brand - Model Power RPM
 SCANIA DSI 14-56SCANIA DSI 14-56450 HP190012311
 SCANIA DI9-60MSCANIA DI9-60M303 HP190012249
 SCANIA DI13 071M CCR2SCANIA DI13 071M CCR2400 HP180011886
 SCANIA DSI14-74 M46SSCANIA DSI14-74 M46S585 HP180012338
 SCANIA DI12-62M SCANIA DI12-62M 300 HP180012210
 SCANIA DI16-43 M01PSCANIA DI16-43 M01P600 HP180011512
 SCANIA DI12-65M - CCNR2SCANIA DI12-65M - CCNR2370 HP210011715
 SCANIA DI 09SCANIA DI 09400 HP210012108
 SCANIA DI16-43MSCANIA DI16-43M650 HP210011645
 SCANIA DI12-42MSCANIA DI12-42M410 HP180011789
 SCANIA DI12-41 M02E IMOSCANIA DI12-41 M02E IMO300 HP180011849
 SCANIA DI12-41 M02E IMOSCANIA DI12-41 M02E IMO300 HP180011850
 SCANIA DI12-70M - CCNR2SCANIA DI12-70M - CCNR2350 (max. 450) HP HP180011755
 SCANIA DS9-04 L01SCANIA DS9-04 L01250 HP19004725
 SCANIA DI12-41MSCANIA DI12-41M300 HP18004617
 SCANIA DN8-01ASCANIA DN8-01A120 HP18004001


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Scania is represented in more than 100 countries

Scania is a Swedish brand that was founded in 1891 in Malmö. Scania initially built bicycles, but after 22 years it also started to develop cars and 2 years later trucks. The brand is best known for their trucks. Our range of Scania equipment consists of diesel engines and generator sets for the industry or shipping. Scania has several locations in Europe and Latin America for the production of the Scania equipment. The brand is represented in more than 100 countries.

Inspection of used Scania equipment

Used Scania equipment is developed with a lot of care, responsibility and quality. To ensure used scania equipment preserves the high level of quality every piece of used Scania equipment is thoroughly inspected and repaired if necessary. 

Used Scania equipment are part of the entire range

Used Scania equipment is part of the entire range of Pool Trading. Our warehouse stock consists of hundreds of used engines (mostly in the range 200 to 2,000 HP), generator sets, gearboxes and used Scania equipment. As well, we stock thousands of new and used brand name parts, such as: Caterpillar, Mitsubishi, Volvo, Cummins, MAN, Detroit Diesel, Deutz.

Pool Trading: the international wholesaler

Pool Trading BV is an international wholesaler supplying maritime and industrial markets with used equipment. Our office, warehouse en workshop are located in Sliedrecht, The Netherlands. With more than 20 years of experience it is our mission to be recognized as Europe’s most reliable, stock keeping supplier of good quality pre-owned equipment. To achieve this mission, our team consist of 12 enthusiastic and highly skilled specialists.

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Do you have questions about used Scania equipment or are you curious about the opportunities? Contact us. Pool Trading B.V. is committed to providing the highest level of service. We looking forward to assisting you!

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