Used Marine Gearboxes (109 In stock)

Used marine gearboxes are part of our range. We have used marine gearboxes in stock from several well known brands. Our range consists of used marine gearboxes with different ratio's, power ranges and RPM's. Every used marine gearbox is thoroughly inspected and repaired if needed.

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  Brand - Model Power RPM
 ZF BW461ZF BW461HP HP180011777
 ZF BW190ZF BW190624 HP180011776
 ZF BW190ZF BW190624 HP180011775
 REINTJES WGF 760REINTJES WGF 7601795 HP100011766
 TWIN DISC MG-5202TWIN DISC MG-5202805 HP180011764
 TWIN DISC MG-518-1TWIN DISC MG-518-1600 HP180011758
 ZF BW 251 (ZFW 2510)ZF BW 251 (ZFW 2510)622 HP180011750
 TWIN DISC MG-509TWIN DISC MG-509235 HP180011736
 SCHOTTEL SRP225/226 SCHOTTEL SRP225/226 HP11703
 TWIN DISC MG-509TWIN DISC MG-509235 HP180011728
 TWIN DISC MGX-5114 SCTWIN DISC MGX-5114 SC480 HP180011727
 TWIN DISC MGX-5114 SCTWIN DISC MGX-5114 SC480 HP180011726
 TWIN DISC MG-514TWIN DISC MG-514360 HP180011682
 REINTJES WGV 401REINTJES WGV 4011350 HP90011711
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Used marine gearboxes for sale

Used marine gearboxes are part of our range. Our warehouse stock consists of a wide variety of used marine gearboxes from several well known brands such as Twin Disc and ZF. We offer used marine gearboxes with power ranges from 77 HP up to 2310 HP. If you are looking for a specific used marine gearbox that is not stock at the moment we know where to get it.

Your supplier of used marine gearboxes

We are an international wholesaler supplying maritime and industrial markets with used equipment. We are located in the Netherlands but we operate internationally. Our team consists of 12 highly skilled specialists and they are all dedicated to make Pool Trading Europe's most reliable, stock keeping supplier of good quality pre-owned equipment.

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If you have questions regarding used marine gearboxes please get in touch with us. We are dedicated providing the highest level of service. We are looking forward to assisting you!

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