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Used ZF marine equipment for propulsion and electricity. Available in several qualities and power. Currently we have items from ZF in stock.
  Brand - Model Power RPM Ref.no.
 ZF BW161ZF BW161470 HP180012399
 ZF ZFW 350ZF ZFW 350400 HP180012392
 ZF BW195 S (U-DRIVE)ZF BW195 S (U-DRIVE)770 HP180012203
 ZF BW195 S (U-DRIVE)ZF BW195 S (U-DRIVE)770 HP180012202
 ZF BW191-1ZF BW191-1650 HP180011973
 ZF IRM 350ALZF IRM 350AL647 HP (Light duty) HP230011748
 ZF BW165PZF BW165P840 HP210011945
 ZF BW165PZF BW165P840 HP210011946
 ZF MW 4400ZF MW 44001202 HP180011564
 ZF BW461ZF BW4611473 HP180011777
 ZF W3200ZF W3200828 HP18003620
 ZF ZFW 350ZF ZFW 350500 HP180011609
 ZF BW 161ZF BW 161380 HP180011353
 ZF BW195 S ZF BW195 S 770 HP180011336
 ZF BW195 S ZF BW195 S 770 HP180011337
 ZF BW 211ZF BW 211760 HP180011268
 ZF BW191-1ZF BW191-1630 HP18004846
 ZF BW165ZF BW165914 HP21004748


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