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Used Twin Disc marine equipment for propulsion and electricity. Available in several qualities and power. Currently we have items from Twin Disc in stock.
Twin Disc
  Brand - Model Power RPM
 TWIN DISC MG-514TWIN DISC MG-514360 HP18004615
 TWIN DISC MG-5111TWIN DISC MG-5111410 HP18004533
 TWIN DISC MG-5111TWIN DISC MG-5111410 HP18004532
 TWIN DISC MG-5061TWIN DISC MG-5061165 HP18004518
 TWIN DISC MG-509TWIN DISC MG-509235 HP18004514
 TWIN DISC MG-509 TWIN DISC MG-509 235 HP18004510
 TWIN DISC MG-516TWIN DISC MG-516600 HP18004495
 TWIN DISC MG-509TWIN DISC MG-509235 HP18004456
 TWIN DISC MG-5075 ATWIN DISC MG-5075 A250 HP18004414
 TWIN DISC MG-509TWIN DISC MG-509235 HP18004583
 TWIN DISC MG-5170TWIN DISC MG-5170680 HP18004028
 TWIN DISC MG-514CTWIN DISC MG-514C380 HP18003969
 TWIN DISC MG-508TWIN DISC MG-508220 HP18003979
 TWIN DISC MG-509TWIN DISC MG-509235 HP18003744
 TWIN DISC MG-5050TWIN DISC MG-5050140 HP18003942
 TWIN DISC MG-5050TWIN DISC MG-5050140 HP18003907
 TWIN DISC MG-516TWIN DISC MG-516600 HP18003439
 TWIN DISC MG-5114 TWIN DISC MG-5114 465 HP18003858

Twin Disc Models:

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