Twin Disc MG-5204 SC (2 In stock)

Used Twin Disc MG-5204 SC marine equipment for propulsion and electricity. Available in several qualities and power. Currently we have items from Twin Disc MG-5204 SC in stock.
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Twin Disc
  Brand - Model Power RPM
 TWIN DISC MG-5204TWIN DISC MG-52041025 HP21004750
 TWIN DISC MG-5204TWIN DISC MG-52041025 HP21004749

General information

Brand Twin Disc
Model MG-5204 SC
Power (type) 960, 1025
RPM (type) 1800, 2100
Ratio (type) 1,33:1

Specific information

Sae housing Sae-1
Flexible coupling 14 inch, type centa cf-r, 14 inch, type centa cf-r (no rubber balls), 14 inch, type centa cf-r (rubber balls must be changed)
Controls Electronic, Electrical
Past models
  • 20288-4750-twin-disc-mg-5204-1.jpg
  • 20287-4749-twin-disc-mg-5204-5.jpg
  • 20287-4749-twin-disc-mg-5204-4.jpg
  • 20287-4749-twin-disc-mg-5204-3.jpg
  • 20287-4749-twin-disc-mg-5204-2.jpg
  • 20287-4749-twin-disc-mg-5204-1.jpg
  • 20288-4750-twin-disc-mg-5204-6.jpg
  • 20288-4750-twin-disc-mg-5204-5.jpg
  • 20288-4750-twin-disc-mg-5204-4.jpg
  • 20288-4750-twin-disc-mg-5204-3.jpg
  • 20288-4750-twin-disc-mg-5204-2.jpg
  • 20287-4749-twin-disc-mg-5204-6.jpg
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