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Used Scania marine equipment for propulsion and electricity. Available in several qualities and power. Currently we have items from Scania in stock.
  Brand - Model Power RPM
 SCANIA DI16-42 MSCANIA DI16-42 M525 HP18004960
 SCANIA DI16-42 MSCANIA DI16-42 M525 HP18004959
 Scania DSI 14-74MScania DSI 14-74M550 HP18004821
 SCANIA DSI 14-56SCANIA DSI 14-56462 HP18004930
 SCANIA DSI 14-56SCANIA DSI 14-56462 HP18004929
 SCANIA DI12-59MSCANIA DI12-59M350 HP18004877
 SCANIA DI12-59MSCANIA DI12-59M350 HP18004878
 SCANIA D9-90 A23SSCANIA D9-90 A23S240 HP19004775
 SCANIA DSI 11-60SCANIA DSI 11-60350 HP18004759
 SCANIA DSI 11-60SCANIA DSI 11-60350 HP18004758
 SCANIA DS 8-40SCANIA DS 8-40160 HP15004762
 SCANIA DSI 14-56SCANIA DSI 14-56600 HP18004767
 SCANIA DS9-04 L01SCANIA DS9-04 L01250 HP19004725
 SCANIA DC 12-42 / A 01 DSCANIA DC 12-42 / A 01 D400 HP15004086
 SCANIA DN11-01 A 20 QSCANIA DN11-01 A 20 Q170 HP18004636
 SCANIA DI12-41MSCANIA DI12-41M300 HP18004617
 SCANIA DI14-73M M40S SCANIA DI14-73M M40S 462 HP18004476
 SCANIA DS11-99MSCANIA DS11-99M294 HP18004281

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