Detroit diesel engines vs. Cummins diesel engines


Our range includes used Detroit diesel engines and used Cummins diesel engines. Although the engines of both brands can be used for the same application, Detroit Diesel uses a completely different technique than Cummins. We will explain the differences to you!

The two and four-stroke engine are the biggest difference

The biggest difference is that a used Detroit diesel engine is a two-stroke engine and a used Cummins diesel engine works according to the four stroke principle (four-stroke engine). A Detroit diesel engine is a two-stroke engine that uses exhaust valves. This is also special because there are also two-stroke engines that do not work with valves, but only with flushing ports.

Four-stroke principle ensures a higher efficiency

A used Cummins engine works according to the four-stroke principle. This classic technique has proven itself and gives a higher efficiency than the two-stroke principle, which a used Detroit Diesel works with. In addition, it is possible to comply with the current emission standard with the four-stroke principle. This is not possible with the technology that Detroit Diesel uses.

Only used Detroit diesel engines are available

Because Detroit Diesel has been forced to stop producing these two-stroke engines due to excessive emissions, there are only used Detroit diesel engines for sale. At Pool Trading we have a very large stock of parts and many used Detroit diesel engines in stock. Thanks to their many years of experience, our technicians also have the right expertise to properly inspect used Detroit diesel engines and repair them if necessary.

Detroit diesel engines have a unit injector

Another notable difference between a used Detroit diesel engine and a used Cummins diesel engine is the fuel system. Detroit Diesel uses a unit injector. As the word implies, this is a fuel pump and injector combined in 1 unit. This allows the engine to have fewer components in the injection system by combining the pump and injector. Adjusting these unit injectors does require expertise. This expertise is present in our mechanics, and we will properly adjust the engines before they leave the workshop.

Cummins diesel engines have the PT-system

A used Cummins diesel engine works with a completely different injection system, namely the so-called Pressure Time System (PT-system). Cummins first adopted this unique PT-system in 1951. Because Cummins has further developed this system, it can still be used well with the current emission standards.

PT-system is a fully electronic EUI fuel management system

However, in the early 1990s it became clear that the mechanical PT-system would not be certified under the forthcoming strict emission standards. Consequently, the original PT system gained partial electronic control. In 1997, Cummins introduced a fully electronic EUI-fuel management system that they marketed as CELECT.

Large stock of used Cummins diesel engines

You can also contact Pool Trading for these used Cummins diesel engines in various models. We have a large stock of used Cummins engines and used Cummins parts available. Contact us for your questions. We are happy to help you!

Detroit diesel engines vs. Cummins diesel engines

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